Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Justin Biebers Phone Number

I found this on the internet and thought everyone would be interested. (:

Hey guys,
I am actually a good friend of Justin's and he said I can give out his number.
But it's only good until 5/1/11 because he doesn't want people bugging him all the time.
So this is 100% real and if you call it he will answer. But only until that time period. After that, the number will not be available
because he is changing it. Remember, He loves his fan's and trust me he does.. but everyone kind of gets annoyed when they are
called constantly. So I have his permission to give his number out (:

Here it is

Cell: 814-771-7149
Home: 814-371-3449

Have a good time talking to him.. he always loves talking to his fans (:


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  4. I can't stop crying with happiness for five years I always feel I need to call Justin beiber

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  6. I'm going to your concert infargo I'm your biggest fan